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View Cut and Download
Youtube/Facebook/Vimeo Video

Put your Youtube / Facebook / Vimeo video url on the search box, view it and you may cut from any second of the video and you can grab it by press the GRAB button. You may cut the video several times. Please use the service wisely.


How it Works

1. Put Video URL

Put your youtube / facebook / vimeo video URL on the search box for viewing and cutting purposes. And then Push the "Grab" button.

2. View and Set Cut

You may then be brought to video preview page where you can see your video preview before you can set the length cut time of your video. Set the start and end of your desired cut video in "second" parameter.

3. Grab the Video

Once you set the lenght start and end period of your cut video, please push the download button. Then your video is downloaded with your cut setting. Enjoy!

Latest Grabbed

About Us

You need to download part of video online without downloading whole video clip? ViewGrab is the answer. ViewGrab is a website that provides you with download and cut the video online. Background of this web is that we found difficulties when we tried to get some footage from youtube / facebook / vimeo or any other video online sources in order just to get some scene or just clip from that video.

The problem we faces :

  • We need to download all the video from start until end before we can actually cut the video
  • More videos to cut more storage to be provided
  • More internet connection and bandwidth need to be consumed

We think that it would be easier for us just to put some url and put start and end video and we can download it so that it will be more efficient in processing the video and bandwidth.

We hope that it can help the users for the video editing purposes.

Please enjoy the web.

Thank you.

ViewGrab team

Terms and Condition

  1. Please download and edit video only for the copyright free video.
  2. We do not have any responsibility for the content you downloaded from this website.
  3. The video that you downloaded is hosted in our server and we will delete video regularily in specific time period in order to maintain the storage capability
  4. Please do not abuse our website other than download and cut the video.
  5. Should you have any feedback kindly contact us using contact us page.

ViewGrab team